Many events during Easter  2010 in Agrigento. As it happens on Christmas, Easter vacations are a good opportunity to relax going to the sea or mountains, or spending your  time in complete relax in B&B.
The Easter weekend in Agrigento plans the organization of fairs, shows, concerts, religious events and liturgical  representations on  streets, for  celebrating  the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the Paschal Mystery.


From 04/04/2010 to 02/05/2010

The Easter  Arches of San Biagio Platani are structures decorating the main street of San Biagio . These structures, made of natural materials, are realized two months before Easter from the brotherhoods of Madunnara and Signurara,and then are  exposed on the Corso Umberto I.
Arches Easter are officially ready in Easter morning  and are exposed up to 2 May.
You can visit the Arches every day and in every hour  from Easter morning up to 2 May. The entrance for the visitors is completely free.
Before the Arches are exposed  you can visit the warehouse where the structures are built and during  the Holy Week, you can attend the religious processions and the stage play of "martyred".